Disaster Planning and Response Plan

OPTION ONE for a single Public Ageny
I would propose implementing a Disaster Planning and Response Plan, which would use as its basis  my master  Planning and Response Plan. My Plan has been developed over 12 years and has been used as the basis of my three day training classes. I believe I am qualified to implement my Plan, because of my 10 year full time FEMA experience in being a Public Assistance Officer in 16 Federal Disasters. My duties included inspecting damages for FEMA eligibility and preparing documents for FEMA reimbursement. Public Agencies are eligible for reimbursement  of 75% of the costs to restore facilities to their pre-disaster condition in a Federal Disaster.
In order to minimize confusion, I have developed  a single set of procedures in my Plan, which can be used for both Federal and non-Federal disasters. In addition I use all employees in the Damage Assessment phase in order to respond quicker, identify more damages and make all employees feel as though they are an important part of the disaster response. 
This Option requires up to three days (24) hours of training to explain the detailed Plan and identify policy subjects the Public Agency will have to address, such as employee activation and damage assessment. It would be better to have this 3 day training limited to senior managers of the Public Agency. Part of the 3 days would be used in identifying specific forms and procedures to be used by all organizations for a Federal Disaster . All costs are negotiable 
Option 2 For a State Association of Public Agencies
For several Public Agencies, I would propose that the state association of Cities or Utilities manage Option 2. The state association could arrange for several Public Agencies (maximum of 50 Public Agencies) to meet at a single location and take the 3 day training. This 3 day training would be a one time cost of $3,000. All costs are negotiable. A recent 2 day training session, organized by a state association paid me $2,000 and charged their 30 attendees a total of $6,000. I would like to discuss with you the costs of any additional days. I think it is easier to modify an existing plan like mine then develop one from scratch. 

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