Mr. Lopez has decades of direct application, in numerous areas of Disaster Planning Preparation, Response  and Restoration, bringing a vast experience to his consulting and training services. The goals of his plans are to quickly restore essential facilities and quickly get the maximum 75 % reimbursement from FEMA for a Federal disaster. 


Marci Lopez is able to provide this training both in Spanish or English anywhere in the World


Mr. Marci Lopez, P.E., has over 25 years experience in electric power and  management for a City owned Utility and is available for consulting with your organization on how to plan and manage the disaster response. I believe that if you want to have an effective Disaster Planning and Response Plan, it is easier to begin with a master plan, that I can provide and modify it to fit your needs. 



Currently training is being offered for public agencies, municipalities, utilities and cooperatives which can be customized to suit your needs. Every Public Agency is different, so I would like to talk to you, at no obligation, so the training and consultation is tailor made for you. Contact us, by telephone or email, for more details.

My Disaster Planning and Response Plan

The objectives of my plan are:

To aid employees in need and to provide support to their families

To restore essential facilities and services as soon as soon as possible

To identify and restore all damages and impaired services as soon as possible

The features of my plan are:

Involve all employees in the damage assessment phase of the response

Have key personnel know how to prepare FEMA reimbursement       documentation

Include utility best practices in the plan 



Marci Lopez is willing to give conference talks on:

  • For Federal disasters why do you leave money on the table with FEMA?

  • Why do only 10%  of your employees feel that they are directly responsible to respond to a disaster?

The only cost is round trip travel cost to the conference. 

Call me at (425) 830-5369 at any time

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