Marci Lopez P.E. can Train the Public and Public Agencies to be Better Prepared to Respond

in the Event of a natural disaster  

MARCI LOPEZ, PE works with agencies to provide Disaster Response Training & Consulting. This training allows agencies to use his sample Disaster Response Plan as a basis for their own unique plan and respond more quickly in the event of a disaster. 
How to get all the FEMA grant money that a public agency deserves, by showing your agency how to quickly prepare the required documentation.


In a federally declared disaster, FEMA will reimburse the public agency 75% of the costs to restore facilities and services to their pre-disaster condition.

How a public agency can ensure that it does not leave money on the table with FEMA.


Money is often left on the table with FEMA because not all disaster damages are identified by the public agency.

How to create a response plan to restore facilities and services as rapidly as possible, when a disaster occurs.


For many organizations there is a loss of income when a disaster occurs. If  you cannot get money from FEMA or restore facilities quickly, you must borrow. Many private organizations go out of business because they can't sustain themselves when a prolonged loss of income occurs.

How to get all of your employees involved in the damage assessment phase of the disaster response.


Informal surveys of our clients indicate that only 10 to 20% of all employees are directly involved in the disaster response. I believe that it is critical to have 100% of the employees be involved in the disaster damage assessment.

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